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Riverside Bankruptcy Lawyer

Mike Gouveia
I help you and your loved ones file Bankruptcy, bringing financial relief so you can get on with your life.

Riverside Bankruptcy Tip of the Week

You or your loved one

  • built a life

  • worked hard 

  • raised your family

  • paid your bills on time and then……

                      SOMETHING  happened.

You’ve been hanging on for some time now. 




                         don’t know what to do….


                           UNTIL NOW!


Attorney Mike Gouveia is committed to helping you or your loved one get your life back— helping you to finally address this financial burden.

Stressed Man

Meet Mike Gouveia

In order to save you time, here is what Mike 

DOES and what he DOES NOT do:



  • Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy only

  • Our practice is open to all ages however, Mike’s strength is serving those over 55 years of age

  • Individuals who make less than $60,000 a year or 

  • Families who make less than $75,000 a year

  • Your home equity less than $500,000.

  • Motion to Avoid Judicial Liens

  • Handle business bankruptcies

  • Handle tax debt

  • Have a payment plan option to pay your attorney fees

  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

  • Bankruptcy Litigation

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Call for a Qoute

Riverside and San Bernardino Counties


  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition Filed

  • Bankruptcy Filing Fee

  • Required Credit Counseling & Debtor Education Courses

  • Attorney Representation at the Hearing

Attorney Mike Gouveia

25 Years of experience in Bankruptcy Law 

Represented clients at thousands of Bankruptcy hearings

Understands what the Chapter 7 Trustees expect

Small Office 1:1 personal customer service

Helped hundreds of attorneys get their bankruptcy practices up and running

Consulted on hundreds of “new-to-bankruptcy” attorney’s petitions

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Mike Gouveia

Bankruptcy Attorney

Canyon Crest and Woodcrest Area of Riverside, CA


(951) 780-1972

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