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Face the Music

How much debt do you have? When I counsel people on debt and credit issues, this is the hardest step. I have had initial consultations with couple when I send them home to calculate their total debt only to never see them again.

However the people that do come back say they had no idea had much they owed until they took this inventory. You cannot form a plan unless you know where you are going.

Enlist a Friend to Help

Now is the time to ask for help. Gather your bills or notices and have a friend help you to write down the amounts owed and then total it up. Yes, this is difficult, but an accountability partner will help you get that number. Enlist a friend and that person will look with fresh eyes and none of your emotional baggage on how the debt was incurred.

The object of the exercise is to see that amount owed and put all the cards on the table. This is the same as a small business would do in times of financial stress.

The friend or family member is there to help you not to judge you.

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